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september 2023 at a glance

0 / Month-long Observances

Attendance Awareness Month (School)

Back-To-School Buzz

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Classical Music Month

Courtesy Month

Piano Month

Preparedness Month

School Success Month

Self-Improvement Month

Suicide Prevention Month



College Colors Day (Sep 1)

Bacon Day (Sep 2)

Beard Day (Sep 2)

1 / Week One

Build a Better Image Week


Labor Day (Sep 4 / 1st Mon In Sept)

Be Late For Something Day (Sep 5)

Cheese Pizza Day (Sep 5)

International Day Of Charity (Sep 5)

Fight Procrastination Day (Sep 6)

Read A Book Day (Sep 6)

Beer Lovers Day (Sep 7)

International Literacy Day (Sep 8)

Star Trek Day (Sep 8)

Popcorn Day (Sep 9 / 2nd Weekend In Sept)

Teddy Bear Day (Sep 9)

Wonderful Weirdos Day (Sep 9)

2 / Week Two

Clean Hands Week


Grandparents Day (Sep 10)

Suicide Prevention Day (Sep 10)

Swap Ideas Day (Sep 10)

9/11 Remembrance Day / Patriot Day (Sep 11)

Boss-Employee Exchange Day (Sep 11)

Emmy Awards (Sep 11)

No News Is Good News Day (Sep 11)

Fortune Cookie Day (Sep 13)

Positive Thinking Day (Sep 13)

Hat Day (Sep 15)

Batman Day (Sep 16)

Play Dough Day (Sep 16)

Working Parents Day (Sep 16)

3 / Week Three

Keep Kids Creative Week (Sep 17-23)


Constitution & Citizenship Day (Sep 17)

AIDS & Aging Awareness Day (Sep 18)

Cheeseburger Day (Sep 18)

Talk Like A Pirate Day (Sep 19)

Pepperoni Pizza Day (Sep 20)

Miniature Golf Day (Sep 21)

World Gratitude Day (Sep 21)

Dear Diary Day (Sep 22)

World Rhino Day (Sep 22)

Autumnal Equinox (First Day Of Fall / Sep 23)

International Day Of Sign Languages (Sep 23)

4 / Week Four+

Punctuation Day (Sep 24)

Comic Book Day (Sep 25)

One Hit Wonders Day (Sep 25)

Love Note Day (Sep 26)

Pancake Day (Sep 26)

Chocolate Milk Day (Sep 27)

World Tourism Day (Sep 27)

Ask A Stupid Question Day (Sep 28)

Drink Beer Day (Sep 28)

International Access To Information Day (Sep 28)

Sons Day (Sep 28)

Coffee Day (Sep 29)

World Heart Day (Sep 29)

Birthdays Day (Sep 30)

International Podcast Day (Sep 30)

International Translation Day (Sep 30)

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