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World Braille Day - January 4

Marketing tips for World Braille Day, including ways to make your website more accessible to sight impaired visitors.

Sight—the literal ability to see—is some times taken for granted until lost or damaged.

On World Braille Day, extend special offers to sight-impaired customers, raise awareness about eye health and connect people with local resources and vision professionals.

Before you market outward, take stock of your website and ensure its accessible by all. Here are some ways to optimize the site visitor experience for sight-impaired visitors:

  • Add alt-tags and captions to images so that audio helpers can fully describe what's on your site.

  • Use colors that contrast to improve readability; generally dark text on a light background is better.

  • Use a site like to generate a color and font palette for your website.

  • Make sure that your website fonts increase in size depending on how the user sets the zoom on their browser.

  • Use large headings in a clear font, and add whitespace--as mobile is so prominent, use larger fonts for everything than you might need for desktop web design alone.

World Braille Day Cross-marketing Ideas

Partner with a qualified instructor to hold a seminar for businesses (such as local merchants, your marketing partners, members of your Chamber of Commerce, etc.) to demonstrate how people learn Braille, talk about the challenges faced in gaining employment or accessing public places by sight-impaired individuals, and make recommendations or brainstorm about how businesses can better accommodate sight-impaired customers or employees.

Partner with a local optometrist for cooperative or cross marketing. Partner with an optometrist to conduct free screenings for employees and/or customers or hold a seminar to discuss ways to promote and protect eyesight. Post information about eye health, protection and the recommended schedule for professional checkups on your Facebook page, blog and e-mail newsletter. Connect customers with local eye health professionals, resources for glasses or safety glasses, etc.

In-person Marketing Tips

Create a point of purchase “Did you know...?” style eye health fact sheet to display with information provided by a local vision-care professional, foods or vitamins known to promote eyesight, safety glasses and other related topics.

Hold a happy hour, open house or community fair for the sight-impaired featuring local resources such as specially designed recreation centers and local professionals and programs. Cross-post links to resources on your website and feature them in e-mail newsletter, blog and Facebook posts.

Cause Marketing Ideas

Conduct a campaign to raise funds or supplies in support of local service agencies for the sight-impaired. Provide support for organizations that train service animals or sponsor a service animal for a sight-impaired individual in your community. Partner with a local service animal trainer to hold a public event to raise awareness or funds toward training of service animals. Don’t forget the press releases!

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