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Women’s Empowerment Week

The second week in January is Women’s Empowerment Week. Here are some ideas for ways to turn this important theme into business marketing and promotions.

“You’ve come a long way, baby!” This well-known phrase noting advances made by women in equality in the workplace also implies that there is still a ways to go. There are times we all need encouragement, empowerment and the courage to take risks, move forward and make changes.

Take time this week to honor and celebrate notable women in your industry, in your business, in your community and in the world at large. Post shoutouts on social media and write a blog article about notable women in your community or industry, or women who personally contributed to your success.

January is Self-Defense Month; pair that with women’s empowerment and partner with a martial arts studio, shooting and gun safety instruction/range, security and self-defense experts or other professionals to hold a workshop on women’s self-defense. In accordance with state or local regulations, retail personal safety products, recommended reading, etc. Partner with personal safety and self-defense professionals for cross or cooperative marketing.

Partner with a professional counselor, mentor, life or executive coach or another expert to hold a workshop on empowerment for women. Include a catering or wine shop marketing partner and enrich the event with appetizers during a cocktail hour or wine tasting.

Gauge the satisfaction of your female customers and/or find out about their personal interests through surveys and suggestion programs. Use this feedback to inform how you do business or hold an event, or even a series of events, designed to bring women out to your business.

Work with experts to hold workshops on topics in which your female customers are most interested, like gaining computer skills, developing leadership or professional communication skills, hobby, craft and art classes, activities that can be propelled into careers (cooking, arts, catering, party planning, computer skills, graphic design), etc.

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