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Trivia Day Marketing Ideas (January 4)

January 4 is Trivia Day, and it offers a ton of marketing opportunities! From generating online engagement to telling the story of your brand and business, take these Trivia Day marketing tips under advisement.

Hold a trivia contest, either at the point of purchase with instant prizes, on the hour for those at your business, at an event held at the end of the day, week or month or even online. Write trivia questions relative to your business or industry; for instance, if you are in the car repair business, quiz customers on their knowledge of home car care and maintenance, the benefits of your multi-point service check, etc.

Following the contest, provide contest entrants (and all of your customers) with the answers to these questions on your website, e-mail newsletter, blog and Facebook page. You will be providing them with added-value of expertise as well as giving them specific service and product recommendations.

If your business is dependent upon the technical expertise of your employees, hold a trivia contest for employees as a team building or training exercise.  

Partner with a local restaurant or bar to hold a social event for singles, couples, employees or customers in the form of a trivia contest or Trivial Pursuit-style game or tournament. Make it a themed party by going with a special set of trivia questions (the 80’s, music, movies, etc.) and asking attendees to dress in costume.

Give participants good reasons to come and visit your business afterward by way of gift cards, product demonstrations, samples, consultations and special offers. Offset event costs with a cover charge; in return, give recipients goodie bags, branded items or gift cards redeemable at your business.

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