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Take Back Your Time Week

The fourth week of January is Take Back Your Time Week. Any time-related marketing idea could be a winner with this theme, from hour-long flash sales to time-saving help for your customers.

Take Back Your Time Week Marketing Ideas

Hold a flash sale for a limited time or offer hour-long specials at your business all day long.

Save time for customers by launching a order-online-for-curbside-pickup program or home delivery service.

Create a special offer for your best customers by creating a delivery or call-ahead service for products they repeatedly purchase.

Use social media and email marketing to tell your customers about products or services you sell which can help them take care of themselves or maximize the use of their time.

Partner with a personal organizer to hold a workshop or provide tips to customers about taking back time by becoming more organized at work or at home.

Partner with a professional coach or counselor to hold a workshop, compile a recommended reading and resources list or give tips to customers on ways to make the most of one’s time personally and/or professionally.

Partner with a local wine shop or bar to hold a “Me Time” happy hour or wine tasting. Partner with a local fitness facility, yoga, dance or martial arts studio to create a “Me Time” dance, exercise or another fitness class offer for your customers.

Add wares to your retail or impulse buys such as mugs, clothing, hats, notebooks, memo cubes, etc. featuring ‘time’ or ‘me-first’ sentiments, designs or slogans.

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