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Squirrel Appreciation Day - January 21

January 21 is Squirrel Appreciation Day... That's nuts, right? A whole day set aside to appreciate what are (at best) cute rodents. But it's a thing. And you can use it engage customers and increase brand affinity.

Squirrel Appreciation Day Marketing Ideas

Write a "Top 10" list of your products or services from the standpoint of which a squirrel thinks is best, and why. Then throughout the month, share a photo of each product along side a stuffed animal squirrel to showcase it on social media.

Leverage user-generated content (UGC) to write your own “famous squirrels in history“ story. Ask customers to help name and describe the exploits of squirrels that might have been present at famous moments in history.

Publish your story on your blog and share it via email marketing and social media, giving credit and prizes to customers who contributed in the form of gift cards redeemable during their next visit at your business.

Work together with other businesses - like members of your Chamber of Commerce, buy local association, or businesses located near yours to increase brand awareness for all.

Hold a Squirrel out on the town hide-and-seek contest where shoppers get an instant prize if they find the squirrel at one of the participating businesses. Take a photo each time so it can be shared on social media to increase engagement and get more people involved in the hunt.

Hold a squirrel-trivia contest. Conduct pop-squirrel-quizzes at the cash register.

Ask squirrel trivia questions on Facebook and reward the person who provides you with the first correct answer.

Dress up in a squirrel costume and invite customers to bring their kids in for a photo with your store's new mascot. Post some of the cutest on social media (with permission).

Purchase stuffed animal squirrels as gifts to clients or their kids or to donate to a local charity or preschool.

It can be tough for squirrels and birds to find food during snowy winter months. On Squirrel Appreciation Day, show that you care about these little creatures. Send customers home with small bags of bird seed or a nutty mix recommended for squirrels and ask them to scatter the contents in their backyard or a local park or wilderness area.

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