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February is Spunky Old Broads Month & Senior Independence Month

Marketing to consumers in older generations has never been more profitable for small businesses. In fact, it even has a name: the silver economy. Read these Spunky Old Broads and Senior Independence Month marketing ideas to learn how to better promote your business to older consumers.

Spunky Old Broads Month Marketing Ideas

The silver economy is crushing it. Consider some of the statistics on older consumers:

  • Currently includes over 750 million seniors and set to top 1 billion by 2030

  • Growing by 3.2% each year in size

  • Along with "older professionals" comprise the wealthiest age group

  • Projected to spend just less than $15 trillion by 2030 vs. $8.7 trillion in 2020

With numbers like these the Spunky Old Broads included in these categories represent significant revenue opportunities for small businesses.

Expanding on the senior theme, but not necessarily limited to seniors per se—because Spunky Old Broads come in all ages! One group that resonates with this theme is the ‘Red Hat Society;’ similarly, there may be wine clubs, book clubs, card clubs and other groups of ‘spunky old broads’ that meet regularly in your area that would welcome your offer of meeting space or sponsorship in return for the opportunity to extend special offers or simple marketing information to their members.

Establish a support/social group for senior women in your community, either as an extension of a national organization or as a club unique to your community. Members may be interested in workshops, education, hobbies, crafts, art or games, or you can sponsor and coordinate group outings at shopping centers, wineries or breweries, sporting events, theater, symphony, the arts, etc.

Become a supporter of your local Senior Center and make it a point to drop off coupons and other promotional materials for distribution there.

Senior Independence Month Marketing Ideas

Create special offers for seniors. Establish relationships with senior social service organizations, community centers, activity groups, and senior living communities where your offers can be included in print or e-mail newsletters, on websites, in mailings, on bulletin boards, on dining room tent cards, etc.

Offer to host or sponsor senior book clubs, bowling or Wii bowling leagues, sightseeing or recreational outings, social clubs, craft or hobby clubs, shopping outings, etc.

Hold a Senior Independence Fair at your business or that of one of your marketing partners, bringing together resources for seniors such as senior living communities, health care services and providers, physical therapists and mobility experts, massage therapists, pedicure and senior skin care, hair and makeup experts, education, retail and other relevant professional services.

Create an off-site menu and take some of your products or services on the road for seniors who cannot get to your business; or help to arrange transportation to and from, and set aside specific hours at your business to cater to senior groups.

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