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Splash a Friend Day - January 11

Splashing is fun! Come on, admit it, you’d go out of your way to take on a big puddle with your car, and your kids absolutely love it. Remember splashing in the pool as kids? Remember lifeguards or parents taking all the fun out of it? Splashing is still fun; and when it’s done right, it’s fun for everyone.

Splash a Friend Day Marketing Ideas

On Splash a Friend Day, find a way to splash others with sunshine, kindness, joy, love and optimism. Treat clients to something that will make them smile by doing something fun, silly or unexpected at the cash register. Have you ever noticed that the individuals at the doors at big box warehouse stores often punctuate your visit by drawing a big smiley face on your receipt? How can you hit your customers with a splash of good feelings before they leave your business?

A splash isn’t a soaking, it’s more of a sampling. Enough to know how cold the water is without freezing (or how hot it is without getting burned). Sample products or services to your customers they have not tried before. Set up a station or point of sale display so that they can touch, smell, taste, hear or otherwise experience a new product or service. Create a mini, tasting or appetizer-sized version of an entrée or beverage to sample to customers as your version of a gift-with-purchase.

Provide samples of products from the businesses of your marketing partners (and provide samples of something of yours for their customers) to stimulate cross-referrals. Accompany samples with time-sensitive bounce-back or add-on offers to motivate immediate action and stimulate future sales.

To “make a splash” is to get the attention of others and leave a lasting, positive impression.

  • Is your business leaving a positive, retention and sales-stimulating lasting impression on customers, or do they forget about you once they leave the building?

  • Are there compelling reasons people should choose your business rather than one of your competitors—and do your customers know what they are?

  • How are you communicating your points of competitive difference to your customers, community peers, vendors and employees?

Are you making a splash with clients that motivates them to refer others to your business?

Create a referral rewards program to stimulate more word-of-mouth referrals. Working with your marketing partners, create a cross-business referral program to provide a bigger pool of potential referrals for all businesses.

Many people want to make a splash personally to improve their social or professional success. Partner with a Toastmasters group ( or a public speaking or another consulting professional to hold a workshop for people who want to improve their public speaking or interpersonal skills and the impression that they leave on others in social or professional settings.

Get involved in your local Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, Kiwanis or another civic organization and make a splash that will benefit your business as well as your community.

Make a splash in the local economy by joining (or establishing) a ‘Buy Local’ cooperative of local businesses, providing education to the local community on the benefits of patronizing local businesses, holding neighborhood shopping events and providing incentives to stimulate sales.

Exchange website links with other local independent businesses or set up your own neighborhood business directory, blog or website. Create your own location-based marketing offers to attract new clients or launch new products or services.

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