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Speak Up and Succeed Day - 4th Tuesday in January

The fourth Tuesday of January is Speak Up and Succeed Day. Not only is this important for leaders, but it's important for your customers, too, so make sure you give them ways to speak up when it comes to providing reviews of your business and feedback for you.

Speak Up and Succeed Day Marketing Ideas

Set your customers up for success customer experience (CX) wise by giving them ways to give you feedback about what it's like to do business with you. Some ways to do this include:

  • Suggestion or product request boxes, web forms, or emails

  • Satisfaction and feedback surveys

  • Review request program

  • Customer service FAQ

  • Web forms and chat bots for asking questions

Likewise, your employees are your most valuable source of information, especially those who interact directly with customers. Provide them with similar means to provide you with this feedback. Some may even be willing to step up and lead with identifying and implementing solutions, generating higher employee engagement and ownership in the process.

The ability to speak in public, make presentations or even to make short announcements or toasts doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Some people are shy and some have deep-seated fears about speaking in public. Some people even have trouble speaking up for themselves if it will mean confronting or being in open disagreement with others. But the ability to ‘speak up’ appropriately and assertively is crucial to most avenues of professional success and for healthy, happy relationships!

Hold a workshop on professional and/or interpersonal communication for your own employees as a team-building and personal development exercise. Some personality and communication style assessment programs can be very expensive, but you can get a license for the Straight Talk Communication Styles Workshop for under $100.

Partner with a counselor or public speaking expert to hold a workshop for people who want to improve their skills in this area or join forces with a local Toastmasters group (

Provide a list of recommended reading, public speaking tips or ideas people can use to practice at home on your Facebook page, blog and e-mail newsletter.

Partner with a counselor to hold a workshop on interpersonal communication skills. Host a workshop (or a series) in cooperation with other businesses near yours or those of your marketing partners about communicating with employees and customers, having difficult conversations, conducting effective employee communications and performance reviews, etc.

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