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January is Self-Defense Month

Anytime you can turn your business' physical location into a community service center it's a chance to improve perceptions about your business and bring new customers in at the same time. Here are a few marketing ideas for Self-Defense Month in January.

Partner with a local self-defense expert or martial arts instructor for cooperative or cross marketing. Extend a special offer to their employees and/or customers.

Hold a self-defense workshop led by local self-defense experts, police officers, martial arts instructors or other appropriate professionals. Sell self-defense related retail products or post links to local or online resources, tips, recommended reading, etc.

Host meetings, provide refreshments or make some other donation to local victim’s rights or victim support groups.

Invite members to attend a self-defense workshop or hold a workshop for others who might be interested such as female college students, people who work or live in high-crime areas, etc.

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