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Remember You Die Day (Memento Mori) January 3

Remember You Die Day, aka Memento Mori, is observed annually on January 3. Despite it's morbid sound, it's a day to remember why you started, what you want, and get after it. Here are some Remember You Die Day marketing tips.

To remember that you are mortal is to realize that time is limited and that there is no time like the present. There are many areas you can focus on when it comes to living to the fullest and ‘being present’ in each and every aspect of our daily lives—with family, friends, co-workers or customers.

In partnership with a counselor, professional life coach or another qualified expert, hold a workshop for clients to discuss goals and obstacles, procrastination and overcoming things that might otherwise stop us from meeting our goals.

Include bag stuffers for customers with motivational quotes. Retail mugs, t-shirts, calendars, nail files or other promotional items with motivational quotes, from serious to light-hearted. Post motivational “seize the day” type of quotes on your blog, Facebook page and e-mail newsletters.

Share and/or solicit stories from customers and employees about moments when you took a chance that paid off or learned an important lesson from what seemed to be a failure. Sharing dreams, emotions, vulnerabilities and frailties with others helps us connect more deeply with them on an emotional level. It can encourage us when we take time to remember how far we have come or when we renew our commitment to goals or dreams that may have been set by the wayside.

Partner with a financial planner or investment professional to hold a workshop on investing, financial planning, retirement planning, estate planning, etc. Partner with a local law firm to hold a clinic on will preparation. Invite the owners and employees of your marketing partners or the businesses located near yours to attend.

Make sure your business is protected with the appropriate legal paperwork. Update or write your own will and succession plan. You may be able to barter with a local lawyer for your own document preparation or receive a discount on services for your customers or employees. Request group rates for your customers and employees or hold a group will-writing event in cooperation with a local law firm. Extend cross or cooperative marketing offers which include legal will preparation or professional review or personal wills.

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