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Private Schools Week

The fourth week of January, Private Schools Week, is the inspiration for these marketing ideas that can help you reach teachers, school employees, and parents.

Private Schools Week Marketing Ideas

Cultivating relationships and creating special offers for school districts and schools in your community is well-worth the investment of time and resources—they may even be chock-full of your ideal prospective clients!

School employees appreciate discounts and will patronize companies that understand the demands on their time and resources and are able to cater to their unique needs.

Create rewards redeemable in your place of business that schools can give to students for outstanding academic, artistic, athletic or other accomplishments.

If you can market effectively to teachers and school employees, you have the potential to reach a large prospect pool very quickly, as opposed to trying to market to these same people individually in your community.

Offer to participate in local school career fairs and mentoring programs. Reach out to your local school district with an offer to guest lecture on how to start a business or some other area of your expertise.

School employees have the ability to share information with co-workers, parents and other school patrons—literally hundreds of people—by word-of-mouth nearly each and every day. School employees have the ability to spread reviews, information and endorsements quickly, virally and over a very wide net of the population in your community.

Private school employees (generally) have some of the same demographic characteristics as public school employees; however, when it comes to school patrons (parents and families of students), private schools may be even more relevant to your ideal target markets in terms of their demographic makeup and disposable income.

Create offers tailored to attract teachers, employees and patrons of private schools in your community. Private schools generally have more latitude in their policies than public schools and may be willing to work with you directly to tailor programs or offers for their staff or students, or even to allow you direct marketing access to school families.

Another way to attract their patrons is to donate to school capital projects, fundraising auctions, take ads out in sports or performance programs, etc. Ask local private schools about current capital projects, fundraisers or classroom needs and conduct a campaign to support their efforts.

Establish a scholarship fund for students who would benefit from attending a private school but may not be able to for financial reasons, or to be granted as a reward for academic, athletic, artistic or other achievements.

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