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Popcorn Day - January 19

You don't have to wait for Popcorn Day to use popcorn as a marketing ploy. But either way, here are some ideas for using it to promote your business as a special event, codeword, or goodwill ambassador.

Popcorn Day Marketing Ideas

Create an e-mail or web-exclusive offer for customers who use the word “popcorn” when they make purchases at your business or online.

Partner with a local party equipment rental business for cross or cooperative marketing. Rent a commercial popcorn cart so you can treat customers with a sample when they are on their way in or out of your store in branded bags as well as a promotional bag stuffer or bounce-back offer.

Place a popcorn machine at the back of your facility and use this fresh, hot, buttered enticement to draw customers directly past displays featuring seasonal or special offers.

Set up a “point of popcorn” display with special offers, branded merchandise or seasonal products.

Purchase pre-packaged popcorn bags or popcorn balls and distribute them in branded bags along with a business card or brochure and a special offer from your business.

Deliver popcorn treats to the employees of businesses near yours, to major employers in your community, to school offices or classrooms, nurses lounges, police or fire stations, union shops, etc.

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