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Play God Day, Recreate the World Day - January 9

If you had the power to do anything, what would it be? What kind of a world would you create? This is the idea behind marketing ideas for Play God and Recreate the World Day on January 9.

Many people interpret the phrase ‘Playing God’ in a negative way, referring to making decisions that essentially control others in ways they may not choose for themselves. Instead, take the idea in a positive direction; change the world around you in small and large ways and improve things for others.

How can you ‘play God’ for your customers? What changes can you make to improve the customer experience? How about for your employees? You may not be in a position to grant raises or hire more employees, but there are probably ways you can improve working conditions, employee break or lunch areas or make other changes to employee hours, responsibilities, incentives, thank-yous, recognition or rewards to enhance employee satisfaction.

Any good deity knows you should incentivize and ‘reward behavior you want more of.’ Now is a great time to launch a customer rewards program based on purchases, frequency of visits, dollars spent, big ticket items purchased, series or package deals, etc. You can even work with your marketing partners to create cooperative rewards programs design to incentivize purchases in multiple businesses. Tailor the rewards themselves so that they bring people back in for redemption.

Change the world around you. Hold an event or fundraiser to benefit local community services for the needy, the elderly, the young, the sick, etc. Set up a team made up of some of your employees (and/or also from among those of your marketing partners) in order to participate in a walk, run, car wash or another fundraising event. Raise awareness for your cause and solicit funds or donations with signage, e-mail and website updates, Facebook or blog posts, or set up displays with branded wristlets or ribbons, shelf talkers and more. Designate that the sales of a specific product or service will be donated in whole or in part to a local charity or needy family. Make positive change in your community!

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