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February is Pet Dental Health Month & Bird Feeding Month

The bond between human and pet is amazing; small wonder that it inspires true unconditional love on the part of both. Take these Pet Dental Health Month marketing ideas (& Bird Feeding Month) and use them to connect with pet owners in your audience.

Pet Dental Health & Bird Feeding Month Marketing Ideas

Create marketing partnerships with pet stores, groomers, mobile groomers, pet walkers, pet boarding facilities, trainers, equipment and feed suppliers, veterinarian offices, animal hospitals or area animal shelters, etc. Create cooperative and cross marketing offers, hold publicity stunts, hold events at pet-friendly parks or stores and connect customers with local professional pet services and resources.

Post information about pet dental health on your Facebook page, blog and e-mail newsletter. Make product or service provider recommendations.

Compile a directory of resources for pet owners to add to your website or feature in an upcoming e-mail newsletter. Solicit customer recommendations or hold an online vote for favorite local veterinarian.

Raise awareness, hold a campaign to raise funds or solicit the donation of specific items for local animal shelters or animal hospitals. Partner with a local shelter to help promote pet adoptions.

Donate gift cards to be given as a gift-with-pet-adoption. Tell customers about pets available for adoption in posts on Facebook or your e-mail newsletter. Give a free gift to individuals who show proof of a recent pet adoption or work with a shelter to hold an adoption event at your business.

During cold, snowy winter months, birds sometimes have trouble finding food. Help a bird out by giving branded bags of bird seed to your customers and to the customers of local businesses (or those of your marketing partners) to be distributed in backyards or parks. Partner with a local pet store to promote the sale of birds as pets or pet bird cages, food or supplies.

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