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January is Oatmeal, Hot Tea & Soup Month

Food and beverage-themed marketing ideas offer the opportunity to treat customers to something, garner user-generated content, and increase engagement, especially on social media.

Food and beverage observances occur throughout the year, providing great opportunities for you to have fun, enjoy refreshments, conduct food drives for local food banks or shelters, hold contests and pay homage to the yummy, comforting, reminiscent edibles you and your customers love.

Take advantage of food and beverage observances to partner with local restaurants, bars, coffee shops, delis, bakeries, wine shops and grocery stores for cross or cooperative marketing. Extend special offers to their customers and employees.

Give away foods or drinks (or even flavored tea bags to take home) as samples, client gifts or to incentivize sales (or event attendance) as a gift-with-purchase. Ask marketing partners to provide you with free or reduced-cost foods or beverages to sample or gift-with-purchase to customers in exchange for a cross-marketing opportunity.

Hold contests to solicit favorite recipes, most creative uses of foods or ingredients, etc. Award prizes that include bounce-back offers and gift cards to ensure repeat visits to your business. Share recipes in your e-mail newsletter, in blog and Facebook posts, or even create your own (printed) recipe book to give away, gift-with-purchase or sell to celebrate edible bliss!

Contact a local food bank or shelter to ascertain their specific needs and hold a food drive or fundraiser event or campaign. Generate press releases prior to and following the event to report results and bring additional attention to the needs of those less fortunate in your community.

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