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Nothing Day - January 16

Nothin' from nothin' leaves nothin' -- as the song goes -- but that doesn't mean there's nothing as far as marketing ideas, in fact, there's a whole lot of ways to leverage this day.

Nothing Day Marketing Ideas

On Nothing Day, hold a drawing or contest and reward one lucky customer who will end up paying nothing for their purchase that day. You can award someone randomly on the spot (for instance, you could predetermine that the 10th or 100th customer of the day will win) or you can hold a drawing at the end of the day. Give the winning customer a gift card equal to the amount of their purchase that day (or more).

Create a “Something for Nothing” promotion where customers receive a free gift card or a gift-with-purchase for any purchase, for purchases over a designated amount or for purchases of specific products or services.

The term “Nothing Day” reminds me of a local low-budget, tacky-but-memorable TV ad which even found its way into national funniest commercials TV specials made by a business called Stereo Warehouse. In the ad, three “average joe” type of guys stand apparently unclad, except for socks, behind car stereo boxes, saying, “We stripped our prices naked!” While I am not advocating nudity, you might be inspired to create an advertisement or publicity stunt for your business where the central and memorable message conveyed is that there is “nothing” you wouldn’t do for your customers.

Hold a “We’re Making Nothing” charity benefit where all profits, a portion of profits or proceeds from the sales of specific products or services are donated directly to a local charity.

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