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National Pie Day - January 23

Another food-themed marketing idea? Pie not? 😂 Most people love food, or at least they love the foods they love, and food often instills life long memories that can be evoked through your marketing online and in-person. From contests and code words to give-backs and events, here are some Pie Day marketing ideas to get the (fruit) juices flowing.

Pie Day Marketing Ideas

If your business serves food, put pie on the menu today or all week with special offers and take-out and take-home versions.

Use PieDay as your code word for an online store or in-person discount.

Ask social followers to share their recipes and spill their pie-making secrets in comments.

Partner with a caterer or chef to hold a pie-making class. Partner with a local restaurant, caterer or another business to take pie orders from your customers or in order to add pies to your retail.

Sell pies to raise funds for a shelter or food bank. Partner with a local restaurant or caterer to hold a cooperative fundraiser and donate pies to a local food bank, mission, shelter or to local needy families.

Hold a baking contest or partner with a local restaurant or bar to hold a pie eating contest. While there may only be one winner, everyone in attendance can receive a special offer from your business and those of your marketing partners. Hold door prize drawings to collect contact information for your direct mail and e-mail databases; afterward, extend a follow up offer.

(I love this one!) There is a unique organization that (literally) sells pies in order to raise funds which are then used to provide nutritious meals and food to some of the most needy people in the greater Philadelphia area called Manna. Create a campaign to support or promote them by way of links on your website and e-mail newsletter or on signage in your business.

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