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More Month of February Observances

Bake for Family Fun Month

Partner with a caterer, baker or another professional to hold a baking class or series of classes for kids and a parent. Expand the series by including a party planner and add education about party planning, table-scaping and other related dining, decorating and entertaining activities.

Black History Month

Hold a trivia contest to draw attention to important aspects of Black History, to important moments in history and notable individuals. Use your blog, Facebook page, website, e-mail newsletter and signage to post facts, trivia, history and “Did you know...?” style educational information. To help you get started, check out the resources available at

Boost Your Self-Esteem Month,

Plant the Seeds of Greatness Month

Hold a self-esteem or personal development workshop or create peer and mentor support groups for kids, teens or young adults. Compile a list of recommended reading and local resources to post on your Facebook page, blog and e-mail newsletter. Add related books or videos to your retail.

Promote opportunities for kids and teens to become involved in projects or programs that benefit the community or sponsor a youth community-service project. Support youth services in your community by raising awareness, donating time, services or products, or helping with fundraising efforts. Solicit and feature success stories of local exceptional or accomplished youth on your Facebook page, blog and e-mail newsletter.

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