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January is Mentoring Month

Mentoring Month happens in January, offering a great opportunity to develop special offers to attract the (hundreds, if not thousands of) education-related pros that live near your business. With that in mind, here are some ideas for Mentoring Month.

Mentoring occurs in many different tutoring, religious, civic and other organizations within your community; a quick call to your local high school or public library can put you in touch with some of them, or you can canvas employees or customers for suggestions.

‘Adopt’ one of these organizations for the coming year. Hold volunteer, fund or supplies-raising campaigns, give rewards to participants and extend a reward or special offers to the patrons, employees, and/or customers who donate.

Volunteer at a local mentoring organization. Create scholarships for local students. Publicize efforts before, during and after with press releases.

Connect customers with local resources by posting links on Facebook, your blog and e-mail newsletter. Create a community resources page on your website.

Create a special offer for teachers, tutors and youth leaders in your community. Send school or district offices postcards, business cards, menus, catalogs or flyers with a special offer for their employees for placement in break rooms, lunch rooms, lounges, etc.

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