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February is Relationship Wellness & Mend a Broken Heart Month

Valentine's Day marketing themes don't start and end with chocolates and candy hearts. February is Relationship Wellness Month and Mend a Broken Heart Month, both of which provide a unique angle for coming at all the love-themed promotions that happen in February.

Relationship Wellness & Mend a Broken Heart Month Marketing Ideas

When it comes to relationships, it's not necessarily about couples. For example, how are the relationships going between your business and its customers? Any customers with broken hearts out there? Read my article on about 10 Customer Experience Fails that could get your business "dumped" for good.

Take a measure of the status of your customer relationships this month with a customer survey or request for feedback.

Reach out to lapsed customers to find out where the relationship went wrong, and how it can be mended. Email marketing with Cakemail make this especially easy and affordable. You can start for free with up to 1,000 contacts (2x that of apps like Mailchimp). Just create an account, add the list you want to reach out to, build a campaign with the drag and drop editor, and voila--you're on the road to repairing relationships with former customers.

The pangs of loneliness or a broken heart hurt even more around Valentine’s Day. Connect customers with local counseling or relationship resources. Partner with a counselor to hold a workshop or series on relationships, mending broken hearts, and becoming the ‘who’ they need to be to attract ‘who’ they want to have in their lives.

Lighten the mood by adding anti-love or cynical sentiment wares such as tumblers, notebooks, totes, shirts, hats, etc. to your retail or give them away as contest prizes or a gift-with-purchase.

Retail love-related gifts and brandware, candies, chocolates, flowers, etc.

Partner with a local florist to sell bouquets or take orders for Valentine’s Day.

Partner with a local chocolatier or candy maker to create branded goodies for retail sale, take orders for Valentine’s Day, provide a display for cross marketing or to provide desserts at your relationship workshops.

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