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Measure Your Feet Day - January 23

Measuring your feet is easy--measuring how well your marketing is working is another matter! Take a moment to check your website's vital stats (traffic, conversions, leads, sales) and set goals for next month - quarter - year. Then check out these Measure Your Feet Day marketing ideas to see whether any would be a perfect "fit" for you.

Compile a list of the shoe sizes of employees, celebrities or famous historical figures and hold a shoe-size guessing contest with one grand prize, several smaller prizes and special offers for all entrants. Take entries in store and online. Create bigger prize packages by partnering with local shoe stores, pedicure salons or nail technicians, podiatrists offices or other related businesses.

Hold a fundraiser or solicit the donation of footwear to be donated to a local shelter, school or community service organization. ‘Adopt’ a local needy family for a year and create a campaign to buy (or collect) needed footwear for each season for each member of the family.

Partner with a shoe retailer to hold a footwear fashion show or for cross or cooperative marketing.

Partner with a local salon or spa that provides pedicure services, with a podiatrist or with another foot product or service specialist for cross or cooperative marketing. Demonstrate or provide mini-pedicures, how-to tips, a workshop on pedicures and foot care, etc.

Most of us (literally) played in our parent’s shoes when we were young at one time or another, and many of us have parents, grandparents, older siblings and other role models to whom we still try to ‘measure up.’

Partner with a local counselor or motivational speaker to hold a seminar on measuring up in healthy ways, or how to identify and address unhealthy aspects of this tendency we may have carried into our adult lives. Compile a list of recommended reading to post on your Facebook page, blog and e-mail newsletter along with links to local resources. Volunteer, donate or hold a fundraiser to benefit local youth mentoring, tutoring and other services.

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