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Marketing Ideas for New Years Day (January 1)

Worldwide, January 1st marks the beginning of the New Year, and often brings with it an "out with the old" mindset. With that in mind, here are some marketing ideas to inspire your New Years Day or New Years marketing campaigns overall.

First, the good news: The advent of a New Year presents many opportunities to reach out to help customers identify and reach goals, renew themselves and celebrate by bringing the New Year in together.

And now, the bad news: Everyone else is trying to cash in on the same theme. To cut through the clutter, your New Year offers have to provide something of real value and benefit to the customer. What you bring to the table must be truly unique and engaging—not just another ad in a sea of sameness.

New Years Marketing Campaigns

Stereotypically a day for football (for him) and shopping (for her), create an opportunity for one or the other, or if you are really ingenious, something to accommodate both. A big screen TV football party with a fashion show at halftime? Why not!

Even if your business will be closed on New Year’s Day, you can still create special offers to help your customers start the New Year off with something to make the coming year better. Focus offers and messages on how products or services benefit or improve the lives of your customers. Communicate projected benefits in terms of real dollars and cents, pounds, dress sizes, health, well-being, luxury, pleasure, etc.

The New Year is also the perfect time to launch a customer rewards program or to sell pre-paid, extra-value bundled packages or products or series of services.

On New Year’s Day, many Americans watch football, socialize and eat. If you own a catering business, restaurant, wine shop, bar or another food-related business, hold a New Year’s social event or book your services out for home or office parties. If you can’t cater to the sports crowd, host an anti-football gathering for ‘football widows’ featuring activities that would be more interesting to them.

Bring the New Year in with those closest to you and host a New Year open house for employees and their families, or for your most valuable, loyal or engaged customers.

Not in the hospitality industry? The New Year is the perfect time to seek out a marketing and events partner in the food industry for customer or employee events, to provide samples for your customers and for cross marketing throughout the coming year.

New Year New You Marketing Ideas

If your business provides personal health, well-being, cosmetic or related services, create a New Year= New You promotion for the new year. Or partner with a salon, spa, cosmetic medical or dental practice, counselor or life coach, nutritionist, fitness centers, and dance, exercise or martial arts studios for cross or cooperative marketing, in order to extend special offers to their employees, to hold joint seminars or workshops, to sell related retail products, books, videos, etc.

Create suggested shopping lists and step-by-step instructional sheets that tell customers how they can utilize your products or services to recreate themselves in the New Year.

Marketing Tips for New Years Resolutions

Help clients meet their New Year Resolutions by providing a network for support and accountability. Challenge customers to make their Resolutions public and participate in a 12-month support group on a special Facebook page or dedicated blog site. Track goals and results and celebrate incremental achievements.

Create a business owner’s resolution support group for yourself, peers, mentors, the owners of businesses located near yours and/or those of your marketing partners to help one another meet personal and professional goals in the coming year.

Invite employees to participate in New Year Resolution goal setting and tracking. Be brave enough to make your own goals public. We all improve our chances for success when we share our goals with others, track progress and hold ourselves and one another accountable. Ask your marketing partners to extend free or reduced-price options to your employees (and extend similar offers to theirs).

Imagine what would happen in the years to come if your business were able and publicly known to have helped 5, 10, 20 or even more people to meet Resolutions or goals set relative to weight loss, health, fitness, education, professional or personal development, etc.

  • How much could you expand the role of your business in the lives of your clients?

  • How would you change customer perception concerning the role your business plays in their lives?

  • How would it impact your sales, or even impact the composition of your retail and service offerings?

  • How would it impact your ability to attract new customers?

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