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Make Your Dreams Come True Day - January 13

Make Your Dreams Come True Day marketing tips start with you, but the ripple effects can reach far and wide. Find out how.

We all have dreams, or at least we did at one time—it’s time for you to start dreaming again! In the early 2000's, “The Secret,” a popular motivational video/book inspired many people to renew their dreams when it comes to becoming their best self and achieving things they might not have believed possible.

When I viewed this video, I was going through a painful divorce and with four kids and my own business, I had a lot to worry about. What struck me the most was the suggestion in “The Secret” that dwelling on the negative—the things you can’t do, things happening “to you” that are out of your control, fears, obstacles that are holding you back, the pain of past hurts, etc.—that dwelling on these things can keep you stuck there.

According to the author, what helps you move forward is spending time thinking about, envisioning and dreaming about the things you do want in your life. What really it resonated with me was the idea that the things we spend the most time wanting to do or have, we generally find a way to do or obtain. Those things we want to become, we can begin to become by being conscious of our desires, by naming them and beginning to take action.

When we spend time thinking about how to get to a place in our lives we really want to reach, we naturally begin to problem-solve our way to that place, in our subconscious as well as our conscious minds. It makes sense.

So dream, first for yourself. About who you would be if you were all that you wanted to be—what you would do, where your business would go. And then begin to think about the pathways to those places: Education, counseling, coaching, financing, growth. Begin to layout a plan with the steps you know you need to take in order to move from the place you are now to where you want to be.

Dreams are intriguing! Work with a counselor or dream expert to create a fascinating seminar for customers on dreams and the subconscious. Partner with a caterer or hold your event at a local restaurant or wine shop. Create dream-related cross and cooperative marketing offers with your partners.

How does your business work to fulfill the dreams of your customers? Does it fulfill a practical need which can free them to pursue their dreams? Do you sell luxury or pampering products or services?

Passion is contagious. Don’t be afraid to renew the idealism you once felt about your business and your industry, and to share it with your employees, vendors and customers.

Partner with a counselor or professional coach to hold a seminar for working professionals on achievement, obstacles and dreams.

Partner with a local community, technical or business school to host a seminar on training for ‘dream jobs.’ With the downturn in the economy and high unemployment, this is the perfect time to introduce people to training and education that can propel them into jobs, into better jobs, dream jobs or a full-fledged career.

Work with businesses in your community (and/or your marketing and event partners) as well as technical or trade schools, high schools, colleges, etc. to hold a Dream Job Fair. Post links to local job boards and hiring resources on your website, blog, Facebook page and e-mail newsletter.

By the way, like many other January marketing themes, this pairs well with any New Years marketing campaigns you plan to run.

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