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January is Blood Donor Month [Marketing Ideas]

Want to promote your small business while also giving back? No problem! January is Blood Donor Month, and here are some marketing ideas you can use for this theme.

Contact a local mobile blood bank and promote a blood drive among customers and employees, or hold a blood drive with a mobile blood bank at your business. Set it up for success by publishing a press release in advance, and a second one afterward including photos showcasing your business' give back event.

Design inexpensive bag stuffers to promote the drive during the weeks leading up to it--tell customers how donated blood benefits others, how easy it is to donate blood, etc.

Reward people who participate or bring you confirmation of a recent donation with a free add-on, gift card, branded tchotchke or some other reward.

Extend a special offer to the employees of your local blood bank, hospitals, nursing homes, etc. Create a special offer and design postcards which can be given out by the blood bank as a thank-you gift to all of their donors this month, or on an on-going basis.

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