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Inspire Your Heart with Art - January 31

Art comes in many different forms and styles - and you can use Inspire Your Heart with Art Day to extend your brand's reach and grow your business.

Inspire Your Heart with Art Marketing Ideas

This is another great opportunity to reach out and partner with local libraries and schools. Sponsor an art contest, feature the work of local artists, raise funds and solicit donations for local art programs.

Support city, senior center, youth and other community art programs. Become a patron of your local symphony, orchestra, chorale or community theatre and place advertisements in their programs. Attend and support music, theater and the arts in local high schools and colleges.

Engage social followers by asking them to leave a comment or photo of their favorite art.

Hold a young artist’s contest and solicit entries from the children of your customers. Award the winner with a gift certificate to be used in a future visit to your business plus branded wares, toys, art supplies and/or with a scholarship to participate in a local art class or studio. Provide all entrants with a special prize to acknowledge their participation along with a special bounce-back offer or gift card redeemable in your business.

Invite a local art studio or teacher to extend a special offer to all entrants. Write a press release to honor the work of the winner and some of the most impressive entries.

Partner with a local artist, art teacher or another expert to hold a workshop on the arts, on a specific art, or to hold art classes for customers (or for their kids). Compile a directory of local art supply stores, instructors and art studios to post on your Facebook page, blog and e-mail newsletter. Post links to the work or websites of local artists. Create a community resources page with local artist’s resources on your website.

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