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Inane Answering Machine Message Day - January 30

Chances are you can't answer each and every phone call in person -- but when was the last time you thought about the first impression people get when they call your business and hit the message line? These marketing ideas for Inane Answering Machine Message Day will help you build a better brand image from the first call forward.

Inane Answering Machine Message Day Marketing Ideas

Hold a contest for the best customer message left on your voicemail system, entered via e-mail, posted on your Facebook page or blog, submitted on your website or even written on entry forms in your business. All entrants should receive a special offer from you in appreciation of their effort in addition to rewarding the winners.

Hold an employee contest for the best scripts for outgoing messages for your business or their extension or department.

In signage, your e-mail newsletter and in your phone announcement recordings, state that in honor of the day you have committed yourself to this cause and go on to leave a witty, inspirational, clever or funny announcement. Encourage callers to leave creative messages in return.

From corporations that rely on automated answering and phone tree directories to your friends and family who may in fact even be at home but screen calls for telemarketers—as Americans, most of us have some sort of interaction with an answering machine of some kind just about every day. While we may hear hundreds of automated recordings every year, we only really hear two or three variations of the same message. Inane Answering Machine Message Day is the perfect cure for repetitive answering machine message fatigue!

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