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Hunt for Happiness Week

The third week of January is Hunt for Happiness Week. This can inspire marketing ideas of all kinds, from social engagement asking customers to share their happy space, vote for one, or contests in cooperation with other businesses near yours.

Create a “Hunt for Happiness” scavenger hunt contest with clues spread among businesses located near yours, or with clues related to products or services that you sell. Reward the winner with something good enough to make them truly happy!

Get user-generated content (UGC) and spark engagement by asking questions on social media, such as asking followers to share a photo of (or representative of) their happy place. You can also create a grid showing four typical happy destinations and invite social followers to vote for the one they would choose.

Take advantage of this marketing theme to extend a survey to customers and/or employees to see what about your business makes them happy, and where it could be improved.

Partner with a local counselor, executive or life coach or motivational speaker to hold a workshop for clients on “The Hunt for Happiness.” Compile a list of recommended reading and local resources to post on Facebook, your blog, or e-mail newsletter. Retail relevant books or videos to your customers.

Add branded wares like mugs, t-shirts, tank tops, pens, bags, etc. with “hunt for happiness” related quotes, designs or slogans to your retail or to give away as contest prizes or a gift-with-purchase.

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