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January is Hobby, Book Blitz & Creativity Month

Creativity abounds, especially in January as people look for new hobbies to take up and ways to make their hobbies pay off. Here are a few marketing ideas for January's Hobby Month, Book Blitz Month, and Creativity Month themes.

Partner with local book stores, stationers, hobby or craft shops or experts to hold craft or hobby workshops for clients. Create cooperative marketing offers for their clients and yours. Retail related supplies. Extend a special offer to the employees of local book, hobby or craft stores. Extend a special offer to local artists.

Feature the work of local crafters, hobbyists, or artists in your lobby or another public area. Host craft or hobby club meetings or work with marketing partners to host a craft, hobby or art sale or exhibit event.

Hold a most creative hobby contest for customers. Allow people to enter and submit a photograph in-store or online via e-mail, your website or Facebook page. Set up a real or online bulletin board for pictures of customer’s hobbies or crafts. Add contacts from contests or photograph submissions to your database and extend a special offer to all each.

Write press releases featuring contest winners or highlighting local hobby or craft artists. Post links to tell people how they can get involved in hobby clubs or attend workshops on your Facebook page, blog and e-mail newsletter.

Hold a ‘Book Blitz’ reading contest for elementary school-aged kids featuring prizes that might include things like a book store gift card, savings bond or gift card redeemable at your business.

Solicit customer suggestions on Facebook or in-store and create a ‘Book Blitz’ recommended reading list for customers (or their children). Add popular adult or children’s books to retail. Purchase award-winning children’s books to give away as a gift-with-purchase in January or to use as contest prizes.

Establish and host a book club or invite a local club to hold meetings at your business on a regular basis. Provide refreshments. Extend a special offer or an on-going special ‘club member’ rate to book club members. Purchase one book for a club member chosen by random drawing each month or help subsidize book purchases for the whole group on an on-going basis.

Establish and host a business book club, inviting the leaders of other local businesses, fellow members of your Chamber of Commerce, Rotary or other civic service organizations, industry peers or other professional acquaintances to join.

Hold a ‘Book Blitz’ fundraiser, book donation event or month-long fundraising campaign for a local city, public or private school library, or the library of a community youth services organization. Extend special offers or rewards to customers who participate.

Create marketing offers for library patrons and employees. Generate press releases prior to and following the campaign or event to report results and bring additional attention to the organization you are supporting.

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