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Healthy Weight Week

The third week of January is Healthy Weight Week, and when used in conjunction with similar themes like Lose Weight Feel Great Month, Family Health Month, and January's general New Year Resolutions, provides even more ways to connect with your target audience.

Marketing Ideas for Healthy Weight Week (3rd Week of January)

Partner with a local physician, nutritionist or fitness expert to hold a seminar or create a list of Top 10 Tips for pursuing a healthy weight.

Hold a workshop for kids or teens about healthy weight, body image and self-esteem.

Post tips about healthy ways to lose weight on your Facebook page, blog and e-mail newsletter.

Make customers aware of the services or products you offer that can contribute to healthy weight or weight loss.

Partner with a local fitness facility, dance or martial arts studio to create a special offer for your customers.

Partner with a dinner preparation company, nutritionist and/or caterer to hold a hands-on food preparation and nutrition workshop for customers.

Solicit customers’ healthy recipes, weight loss success stories, etc. Share updates about individuals who made New Year Resolutions to lose weight or invite customers to join a healthy weight or weight loss support group.

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