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Groundhog Day Marketing Ideas - February 2

No offense to groundhog-lovers, but why leave the future of the next six weeks up to an overgrown rodent? Create Groundhog Day promotions for customers to enjoy whether Phil sees his shadow or not, redeemable during the next 6 weeks.

Marketing Tips for Groundhogs Day

Hold a contest and ask customers to predict what the weather will be every day for the next 6 weeks. Reward winner/s with a gift card redeemable in your business as well as a stuffed groundhog or another gift item. Extend a special offer or give a branded tchotchke to runners up or all participants. Collect entries online and in-store and use entries to help build your contact databases.

No matter whether the groundhog sees his shadow or not, eventually, spring is coming anyway! Use February 2nd to launch your spring promotions and get customers excited for warmer, sunnier days.

Create "6 more weeks of winter" or “beat the winter blues” promotions designed to distract customers from the cold and gray and put them into a warmer, happier frame of mind.

You might at least look like you’ve been somewhere sunny—partner with a local salon or spa that provides safe, sunless tanning alternatives for cross or cooperative marketing. Retail (or give away with purchase) spray-on, lotions, wipes or other safe artificial tanners.

Partner with a salon, spa or makeup esthetician to hold a spring or summer makeup and hair demonstration event and provide free mini-makeovers for customers. Add a local boutique clothing seller to this marketing partnership and hold a full-blown spring or summer style and fashion show.

Purchase branded flip-flops for gift-with-purchase or to add to retail to help customers get ready for warmer weather. Donate branded flip-flops to local pedicure salons or spas for use in services.

In partnership with a counselor or physician, hold a workshop about the causes and symptoms of winter blues, and ways to combat them.

Hold a Sunshine Party at your business, or partner with a restaurant or bar, and bring in spotlights and other faux-sunshine natural lighting to brighten spirits. Add sun lamps and other UV replicators to retail or give them away as contest prizes or a gift-with-purchase.

Or go big! Partner with other businesses to hold a contest or drawing to win travel vouchers, receive resort or hotel gift cards, the chance to join their favorite Major League Baseball team for spring training in Arizona, or on another sunnier-climate trip.

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