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GI Joe Day & Freedom Day - February 1

If you live near a military base you have the ability to promote your business to a large audience while at the same time increasing brand affinity by showing appreciation for members of the military and their families. GI Joe Day and Freedom Day, both of which are observed on February 1st annually, is one way to leverage this in your marketing.

GI Joe Day & Freedom Day Marketing Ideas

Create a special offer for members of the military and their spouses and families. Reach out to the public relations team at your local base to find out how to communicate your special offer or on-going discount or promotion.

If your business isn't conducive to discounted pricing for military members, think of other ways you can serve this community. For example, providing free passes to National Parks, amusement parks, movie theaters, museums, or entertainment venues with purchase or as a monthly drawing.

Reach out to military magazines, websites, and other publications to unlock advertising opportunities.

Include Veterans as well as active duty members of the military in special offers.

Write content for your blog or social media that puts the spotlight on local military members and veterans. Invite social followers to give a shout out to a friend or loved one who is active or retired military.

Build brand awareness and affinity by conducting a campaign to provide care packages for soldiers deployed overseas.

Donate services or products to families whose husband, wife, son or daughter is on deployment.

If you normally provide services in your business that cost little more than your time, set aside February 1st for appointments solely for military or their family members at no charge or a very special price.

Promote awareness and participation through press releases to the media, on the web, in your newsletters, etc.

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