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Fun at Work Day - Last Friday in January

Fun at work can improve relationships with employees and customers alike. Take these Fun at Work Day marketing ideas and put your spin on them to increase engagement with one and all.

Fun at Work Day Marketing Ideas

Work is serious business but it doesn’t have to feel that way. Have Fun at Work Day can be fun for customers as well as employees. Take a page out of Southwest Airlines’ playbook and design signage, announcements and offers that are fun to read or fun to hear over the P.A.

Designate a theme and invite employees to get into costume for a day.

Design bag stuffers with clever sayings and a fun offer to bring customers back to your business sooner, rather than later.

Send an e-mail out to your contacts with fun business news, human interest anecdotes and a fun, redeemable offer.

Hold your own Office Olympics with contests like:

  • coffee cup races

  • typing speed contests

  • name as many office supplies as you can in 30 seconds

  • breakroom eating contests

  • paper plate disc throwing contest

  • copier paper airplane making

  • best-decorated workspace

  • desk chair dogsled

  • pencil toss

  • tabletop golf

  • paper football field goals

  • rubber band flinging for distance

Then wrap everything up with medals and a closing ceremony happy hour.

Partner with area entertainment, sports, recreation or family fun centers for cooperative offers or gift cards to give your staff and their families. Have a game night, an after-hours cocktail party or some other get-together for staff (and/or their families) at the facility of one of your marketing partners.

Retail branded wares designed for use in an office setting that are fun to look at, have clever or facetious work quotes or have a unique or funny design. Purchase branded office supplies (pens, staplers, tape dispensers, post it notes, memo pads, etc.) to give away as contest prizes, client gifts or as a gift-with-purchase.

Partner with a counselor or another expert to hold a workshop for business professionals, your marketing partners, etc. about how to make the workplace a more fun and enjoyable place for employees and customers while still maintaining a healthy culture, a climate of continuous improvement and a commitment to the customer experience. It’s not an excuse to ignore the rules; it’s an opportunity to grow your employee culture to a place of deeper maturity, where most employees can be trusted to work effectively, productively and in accordance with policy without feeling as though they are in a micromanaged atmosphere.

Compile a list of recommended reading, team-building resources, workbooks, etc. to share with your peers, add to retail or post on your Facebook page, blog and e-mail newsletter. Looking for a good read on this yourself? Check out Fun at Work by David Thomas and Scott Steinberg.

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