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Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day - January 12

If your business target audience includes male customers, these Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day marketing ideas could be perfect for you.

While it’s true that in many households women still make a majority of the actual purchases, this doesn’t necessarily mean that men are not influential in the decision making process. That some are smart or lucky enough to have someone else to do the actual shopping for them should not be taken as a reason to dismiss them when it comes to marketing.

If your business normally markets to men, you likely already have marketing messages and strategies in place to bring them to your business. If not, then this is a market niche which may represent a new area of opportunity for you. Partner with businesses or clubs that cater to male patrons for cross or cooperative marketing events and offers.

Partner with a fitness expert, martial arts instructor or nutritionist to hold a workshop on men’s fitness and health. Partner with a sporting goods store, recreational facility (such as a facility sporting batting cages, driving range, etc.) to host the event. Or simply cross market with one or more of these organizations.

Partner with a barber shop, salon or spa to hold a “shave off” or “best beard contest” at a local sports bar, brewery or wine bar (rather than in what could be an intimidatingly ‘female’ place like a salon).

To attract more male shoppers to your business and keep them coming back, make it easy for them to find what they want. When shopping, the male consumer often goes directly to the item they want, purchases it and leaves. In contrast, female shoppers may be more inclined to comparison shop, browse or see what else you have to offer during a shopping trip.

Make your business a male-friendly destination by featuring activities and attractions male customers would want to stay for. Be prepared to engage and interest the male shopper once he has entered your business. If he came for a specific product or service, connect him with it as quickly as possible. Use signage and scripting to let him know what else is available to him.

Create checklists that tell male shoppers “what else” they need to enhance product performance or for home care, what the next step is, suggest upgrades and add-ons, etc.

Bundle other items with popular men’s items to increase sales of peripheral, add-on, upgrade or complementary products.

Hold a drawing for a product or gift card in order to collect contact information so that you can entice him to return, create opportunities for follow up, gauge his level of satisfaction, find out what he is interested in and ensure that he receives a bounce-back offer.

Every year, People Magazine features the “Sexiest Man Alive” in their magazine with a countdown of 50 gorgeous male celebrities. Hold your own “Fabulous, Wild Man” contest or take nominations and award a winner in your community. Honor some of the more notable nominees and the winner in a press release and in posts on your Facebook page, blog and e-mail newsletter.

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