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January is Family Fitness & Lose Weight Feel Great Month

Even if you don't sell fitness products or services, January's Family Fitness Month and Lose-Weight-Feel-Great Month can be turned into promotional ideas for growing a business.

Partner with businesses such as local gyms, fitness and exercise centers, dance studios, martial arts studios and recreational facilities for cross or cooperative marketing. Partner with local fitness and exercise instructors, nutritional experts and/or medical professionals to hold a free workshop for customers and employees about the benefits of exercise, maintaining a healthy weight and eating right.

Partner with a local dinner preparation business, nutrition expert or organic food expert to hold a workshop on preparing healthy meals in general, for those with special needs, for those trying to lose weight, etc. Post healthy eating and weight loss tips on your Facebook page, blog and e-mail newsletter.

Extend a special offer to local fitness and dietary experts, to all employees of local fitness centers, to the employees of dinner preparation or health food stores, etc.

To seriously support customer (or employee) New Year Resolutions over the course of the coming year, create a system to record not only final goals but one that is broken down to pinpoint incremental milestones by setting short-term, achievable-sounding goals.

For instance, the idea of losing a total of 50 pounds may sound impossible to someone, but losing a pound a week over the course of the year might sound more achievable.

Set up a way for clients to track progress against goals online or at your business. Celebrate small wins as well as big ones at a monthly happy hour mixer. Encourage participants to bring friends to these events and invite them to register and track their goals as well (in other words, let new people start their ‘New Year’ resolutions any time during the year).

Invite the employees and/or customers of businesses that partner with you for marketing or events to attend as well, and make sampling, consultations, product demonstrations and bounce-back offers part of your happy hour events.

Create a dedicated web page, blog or Facebook page for this group:

  • for participants to interact with and encourage one another

  • to post encouraging quotes, relevant statistics and tips

  • to share links to related articles about health, fitness, nutrition, etc.

  • to post recognition as participants reach short and long-term goals

  • to post ‘after’ pictures and results of those that achieve goals or pass milestones; invite a photographer to partner with you and help track intermediate progress

  • to make readers aware of the benefits of products and services you offer that can help them reach their goals

Other items to consider putting on a New Year Resolution timeline are city or charity marathons, reunions, fitness competitions, performances or recitals, vacations and other points in time before which clients want to achieve their goals.

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