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Dress Up Your Pet Day - January 14

Pet-themed marketing ideas are always a winner when it comes to generating engagement. Here's how to promote your business with Dress Up Your Pet Day.

Marketing Ideas for Dress Up Your Pet Day

According to, more than half of your customers and prospects have pets. Of these, dogs and cats comprise the vast majority. While you may be tempted to make fun of people who dress up their pets, don’t; instead, celebrate this opportunity to attract new clients to your business!

Partner with local veterinary practices, animal hospitals, pet groomers or pet stores to hold a pet-oriented event at your business. Work with a pet boutique store to hold a full-blown pet fashion show.

Partner with a mobile groomer to coordinate appointments or services you provide to customers (salon, spa, dining, workout, consultation, etc.) with mobile grooming outside for pets. Give pet owners a discount on both services when booked together, and make their lives easier!

Partner with veterinarians, pet boarding businesses and groomers for on-going cross marketing.

This is a market that relies heavily on word-of-mouth and personal recommendations; pet owners in your clientele or people new to the area will be glad to know of good pet service providers in your area. Plus, pet owners periodically spend time waiting in the veterinarians office or waiting area of the pet’s groomer where they could be reading or hearing about your business.

Post links to pet-related businesses and pet-friendly destinations, hotels, parks, etc. on your Facebook page, blog and e-mail newsletter.

Conduct a campaign to benefit a local animal shelter, emergency animal hospital, rescue organization, etc. with funds, donated pet food, supplies, medicines or other needed items.

Add branded, bling-filled or fun pet supplies—leashes, collars, bowls, shampoos, brushes, etc.—or pet-themed mugs, t-shirts and other personal items to your retail or impulse buy wares, to give away with purchase or to be awarded in pet-owners drawings or contests. Solicit customer photos on Facebook and hold a cutest pet photo contest (dressed up or not!)

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