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Disc Jockey Day - January 20

Whether you go all in and hire a DJ for the day or simply use music as a jumping off point, these marketing ideas for Disc Jockey Day on January 20 are sure to engage your audience.

Disc Jockey Day Marketing Ideas

If you have a P.A. system, celebrate Disc Jockey Day by writing a series of fun, wacky and creative announcements to make or repeat throughout the day. To see if anyone is listening, add in special offers or freebies which expire in 15 minutes, at the end of the day, or which are good only for the first customer to mention a special code word or type it in at checkout.

Host a happy hour featuring karaoke. Hold a “Disc Jockey Contest” with serious or funny sample scripts to read. Give out a grand prize as well as small prizes or gift cards to anyone brave enough to participate; extend a special offer to all attendees.

Partner with a local radio station and/or college that offers broadcasting courses to hold a workshop for kids, teens or adults who are interested about what it takes to be a successful disc jockey, what types of careers it can lead to, or about careers in radio or broadcasting in general.

Partner with a local radio station for advertising, endorsements, charity events, fundraisers and public appearances.

Local radio stations are much more likely than national media outlets to be interested in news about your business. For this reason, make it a habit to submit press releases to local stations when you have something newsworthy to share.

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