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Cut Energy Costs Day - January 10

There are so many ways to turn a theme like Cut Energy Costs Day into marketing. Here are just a few.

The start of a new year is a good time to pull things apart in order to put them back together more efficiently. And now, at the height of mid-winter, you’re probably more than willing to think about ways to reduce energy costs. Not only will it benefit your bottom line, it benefits the planet. What’s more, customers now expect that the businesses they frequent are aware of and will contribute to the sustainability and preservation of natural resources.

Many HVAC sales/service professionals can evaluate your equipment and facility to make recommendations of ways to cut energy consumption and reduce costs by improving efficiency, servicing or replacing equipment and implementing procedures that result in reductions in usage (such as completely powering down tools or equipment instead of leaving them on ‘standby’). Pass on expert advice to your customers in posts on your Facebook page, blog and e-mail newsletter.

Partner with home appliance, windows, insulation/renovation or HVAC experts to hold workshops on cutting energy costs in the home or workplace. Create shelf talkers, point of sale displays or bag stuffers with tips telling consumers how they can conserve energy and reduce costs.

Because newer appliances sometimes have greatly-improved energy efficiency, you should expect some recommendations to include replacing equipment. Share info on your blog and social channels for local resources and links to sites touting tax breaks related to “green” home renovations, etc.

Put a different spin on the subject by calling it “Reduce your Personal Energy Costs Day.” What costs you in terms of personal energy? Poor diet, lack of exercise, stressful situations or difficult people? Partner with nutrition and fitness experts, counselors, motivational speakers or life coaches to hold a personal energy workshop.

Create sheets for display or bag stuffers with tips on preserving personal energy.

Compile a list of recommended reading and local resources to post on Facebook, your blog and e-mail newsletter. Add some of the best titles to your retail or as a gift-with-purchase.

Educate customers about the products or services you sell that can help cut their personal energy losses or which help to preserve and improve personal energy. Personal energy, properly managed, should be a totally renewable resource, with unlimited potential!

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