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Cuddle Up Day - January 6

Cuddle up, huddle up -- get closer to the people who matter the most to your business. Check out these cozy marketing ideas for Cuddle Up Day on January 6.

Get closer to your customers, employees and community on Cuddle Up Day. Have hot chocolate and marshmallows, hot cider or other toasty treats on hand to warm people up. Purchase branded hot cups and cardboard sleeves to give away hot beverages at your business or even out on the sidewalk.

Create your own design for branded, customized coffee or travel mugs for retail sale. Add branded throws, travel blankets, pillows or slippers to your retail or give them away as gifts (or a gift-with-purchase) to your most loyal or valuable clients.

In partnership with a local wine shop, restaurant or caterer, hold a “Cuddle Up” singles mixer or create date packages for singles or couples featuring a cocktail hour, wine tasting and/or dinner.

Cuddle up to staff! Set aside the negative today (as much as possible). Identify examples of great customer service or co-worker relations, deliver compliments and be a source of encouragement. Make yourself available for safe, informal staff feedback.

Start having daily or weekly ‘huddles’ (informal meetings held to discuss challenges, talk about the ‘plays’ the team will make and give a short pep talk) to kick off the work day. Set up an employee suggestion box.

Survey employees as to satisfaction, goals, ideas for improvements, etc. Create a program to reward employees who go beyond the call of duty, provide extraordinary customer service, submit ideas for improvements or cost-savings which are implemented, etc.

Cuddle up to your customers, especially if you don’t normally interact with them on a daily basis. Initiate a customer feedback program, customer satisfaction survey or launch a new channel of communication. Interact ‘live’ with customers at a webinar or on your blog or Facebook page. Send personal thank-you notes to your most valuable customers.

Cuddle up to your community. Sponsor a city recreation program sports team. Attend games and meets of local high schools and colleges; bring treats for players and fans in branded goodie bags or with your business card. Promote the sale of gift cards designed specifically for coaches or extend a special offer to all coaches in your community. Extend congratulations to local coaches and point out the accomplishments of players and teams on your Facebook page, blog and e-mail newsletter.

Conduct a campaign in support of local arts, education, charities, service organizations (such as Rotary, Kiwanis or Optimists Clubs) or other community groups. Raise awareness, raise funds, solicit volunteers and tell customers about opportunities for participation. Post information about these organizations and the work they do in your community on your Facebook page, blog and e-mail newsletter. Write press releases.

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