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Corn Chip Day - January 29

Simple, tried, and true, the beloved corn chip comes through once again, with Corn Chip Day promotion ideas to help you grow your business.

Corn Chip Day Marketing Ideas

Don’t wait for Cinco de Mayo in May to break out the chips and salsa—Corn Chip Day is a perfect time to sample chips and salsa to customers or to give them away as contest prizes, a gift-with-purchase, an employee-appreciation gift or to enjoy during a customer or employee happy hour.

Make CornChip your online code of the day for a discount at checkout, free gift with purchase, or to get special pricing on a specific product.

Hold a customer or employee-appreciation event at your favorite Mexican restaurant (hopefully this business is already one of your cross marketing partners!)

Hold a contest for customers to create the ultimate corn chip dip, or have a corn chip and dip tasting party.

Solicit social followers recommendations for best local corn chips, recipes, or recipes for best dips to serve with corn chips. Request photos!

Partner with a local caterer to hold a class on making corn chips, or hold a workshop with a party planner using corn chips and Mexican foods as the central theme.

Retail corn chip serving bowls. Work with a local restaurant or manufacturer to create a branded line of corn chips for retail (or to serve) at your business.

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