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Coaches Day - October 6

As with educators and mentors, most communities have large numbers of coaches in their midst. This includes sports coaches but doesn't stop there, as nutritional coaches, life coaches, business coaches, fitness coaches and many other variations abound. Use these Coaches Day marketing tips to get new customers and more brand awareness in your community.

Coaches Day Marketing Ideas

Most of us have had a coach at some point in our lives; whether for sports, music, academics, professional development or some other area. While we often think first of sports, there are hundreds of coaches in your community for whom you can tailor special offers, create gift baskets or extend student or team-related promotions.

Like teachers, coaches have considerable word-of-mouth marketing reach; they interact with dozens or even hundreds of other people in your community who may be among your ‘ideal clients’ and target markets, so their referrals and goodwill are valuable to your business.

Be visible in your community when it comes to team fundraisers, sporting events, parks and recreation organizations, etc. Lazy summer afternoons in the park are great times to network with parents and other professionals in your community.

Create offers for coaches working at local schools, colleges or universities, volunteer/amateur coaches in your local parks and recreation organizations and for mentors, tutors, music teachers, etc.

Gift branded tchotchkes like lanyards, water bottles, hats, duffel bags or t-shirts to sports coaches and/or their team members. Hold a party in a local restaurant to thank the coaches (and/or team members and their families) of parks and recreation or school sports teams at the end of a season, after a tournament or even after every game.

Use in-store signage, your e-mail newsletter, blog and Facebook page to suggest that customers purchase specific products, gift baskets or gift cards as gifts for coaches. Make your business known as a resource for gifts, greeting cards and thank-you cards designed specifically for coaches.

Sponsor a local school or city parks and recreation sports team (or a local school academic team or club). Provide offers for coaches, team members and their families.

Hold fundraisers to help obtain needed equipment or supplies for local teams.

Provide funding to help underwrite scholarships for needy or underprivileged children.

Publicize efforts through press releases on your website, in your newsletters, at your point of purchase, and submitted to local schools and media.

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