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Charitable Cause Marketing: Cancer & Birth Defects Month

January is Cervical Cancer Month & Birth Defects Month

Charitable causes related to specific diseases or health issues can be especially meaningful because they touch so many lives. Whether or not the two cause marketing ideas above have affected you, chances are that there is a disease or condition that has personally affected you or someone you love.

Raise awareness and provide support for causes which have impacted you personally; you will be most persuasive and satisfied by your participation when you work to benefit causes about which you are genuinely passionate. Provide support to a cause or charity through monetary donations, volunteering, raising funds or conducting other campaigns.

Designate that proceeds of a specific product or service or a portion of January sales will be donated to a cancer or birth defects-related charity. Tell customers how their participation makes a difference. Report results or post a chart to measure progress against your goal.

Design signage for the point of purchase or a donation receptacle. Create bag stuffers featuring information about the charity or cause, where they can donate or volunteer, etc.

Use your e-mail newsletter, blog and Facebook posts to raise awareness, encourage and incentivize participation and report results. Submit a press release prior to and following your campaign.

Support your charity on an on-going basis through the sale of specific promotional retail items (mugs, t-shirts, hats, tote bags, travel mugs, wristbands and other branded wares). Extend special offers to the charity’s beneficiaries and to the employees and volunteers of the charity itself.

Donate services or products from your business directly to local patients and/or family members affected by the causes you support.

‘Adopt’ a locally impacted family for a year; support them with products or services from your business, hold charity fundraisers or solicit donations from customers—what a sense of community you will convey to this family!

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