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January is Care About Your Indoor Air Month

Today's consumers are increasingly health conscious (as are your employees), so fostering a safe, pleasant environment for all is paramount. Care About Your Indoor Air Month offers opportunities for you to make your brand stand out with scent marketing and to let customers and staff know you care.

Care About Your Air Month Marketing Ideas

Ambient scent is the word used to describe a custom fragrance developed for your brand or business, and there's a whole lotta science that goes into making them. Even so, they are still relatively affordable, even for small businesses.

This Shopify article notes that scent marketing can:

  • cost between $100 and $1,000

  • increase retail sales by as much as 11%

  • boost customer satisfaction by as much as 20%

  • link memory and emotion

  • linger: people recall 50% of images after 3 months, but may remember scents accurately 65% after a whole year

If it's something you've heard about but not considered before, take some time to research the science, providers, and options to see if this would be a good addition to your business.

But that's not the only way you can leverage this month's theme. Partner with local HVAC service professionals to educate customers about seasonal and routine maintenance recommended to improve the quality of air in their homes.

On social and in your email newsletter, share tips from HVAC experts on maximizing fresh air inside, especially during winter months.

Let customers and employees know that you care about the air they breathe by testing the air in your workplace and then sharing results and information about any corrective actions taken.

Replace aging HVAC equipment with newer, more efficient, healthier systems.

Partner with HVAC sales or repair businesses for cross or cooperative marketing.

Or go big: Expand your reach by including home renovation and remodeling firms, builders, appliance stores, furniture stores, handyman services, etc. Work together to hold a home renovation, repair, services and equipment fair, or to compile a combined directory of services.

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