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February is Canned Food, Cherry, Grapefruit, & Sweet Potato Month

More food-themed marketing ideas, you might be asking - you bet! Food is memory so stock up on these marketing ideas for February's Canned Food, Cherry, Grapefruit, and Sweet Potato Month themes.

Marketing Tips for Canned Food, Cherry, Grapefruit and Sweet Potato Month

Food is always one of the most enticing ways to celebrate—because people love food! For Canned Food Month, hold a campaign to collect canned food for donation to a local food bank or another charity.

In February, accept the donation of canned foods in lieu of event cover charges or let customers exchange donated canned goods for free add-on gifts, branded tchotchkes, a special offer or another incentive.

To celebrate Cherries, Grapefruit or Sweet Potatoes, hold events, trivia contests, cooking or recipe contests, tastings, happy hours and share recipes, nutritional tips and trivia. Partner with caterers, party planners and restaurants, etc. for cross or cooperative marketing.

Share recipes, cooking tips and trivia on your Facebook page, blog and e-mail newsletter.

Purchase cherry or grapefruit flavored/scented items (lip gloss, lotion, candles, room sprays, etc.) to add to retail or give away as a gift-with-purchase or contest prize.

Add a fruit flavored or scented product display to your point of purchase.

Feature facts about food or fruit-related aromatherapy on your Facebook page, blog, bag stuffers and e-mail newsletter.

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