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Bubblegum Day - February 3

Bubblegum is notoriously sticky--see how we turned these Bubblegum Day marketing ideas into ways to make customers stick to your business more often.

Bubblegum Day Marketing Ideas

With bubblegum, sticky can be a bad thing. But in business, it's awesome. Stickiness in business amounts to memorable brand perceptions, lasting first impressions, and customer retention and loyalty. In business, you WANT sticky.

How are you creating lasting brand perceptions? These are the concepts, values, and ideas that customers associate with your business. They start with the first impression of your brand, anywhere: website, social media, email, in person store visit, reviews, and word of mouth marketing.

The intent you put into shaping customer perceptions about your brand is reflected in every aspect of the customer journey with your business, from brand discovery to conversion and post-transaction impressions. So how about first impressions, specifically? Are they built to last? Some ways to develop stickiness with brand perceptions from the first impression include things like:

  • Consistency everywhere someone interacts with your brand

  • Unique voice and point of view

  • Authentic core values, mission, and vision

  • Online reviews

  • Employee interactions

  • Custom, easily recognizable visuals

  • Community and industry involvement

  • Press releases and public relations efforts

  • Differentiation that sets your business apart from competitors

And once you've gained a customer, what's your plan to make them stick to your business for the long term? Consider implementing "sticky" customer touchpoints like:

  • On-going email campaigns (BTW Cakemail makes this super easy!)

  • Personalized experiences, such as a dedicated account manager

  • Online communities and forums

  • Personalized offers and options

  • Social media groups and exclusive offers

  • Loyalty and rewards programs

  • Referral rewards

  • Gamification

  • Upsells and upgrades

  • Stellar customer support when something goes wrong

  • Subscription-based products or services

  • Sending thank you note cards or emails

It's a lot, right? And all from a little stick of bubblegum! There’s nothing complicated about Bubblegum—it’s a sweet treat and one that most of us associate with childhood. No matter how old we get, it’s still fun to try and blow a giant bubble!

Hold a bubble-blowing contest.

Hold a publicity stunt or try to set a new world record for the most people blowing bubbles at the same time.

Give away bubble gum or buy branded bubblegum for retail sale or to gift-with-purchase. Donate branded bubblegum to local youth services organizations, parks and recreation teams, YMCAs, schools and other organizations.

Give branded bubblegum to your employees, to the employees and/or customers of businesses located near yours and those of your marketing and event partners, fellow members of your Chamber of Commerce and civic organizations, etc.

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