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Bubble Bath Day - January 8

Marketing ideas for Bubble Bath Day - January 8

Are you old enough to remember the ad campaign featuring the slogan, “Calgon, take me away!” showing a woman relaxing in a bubble bath, imagining herself far away from the problems in her life? The ad perfectly conveyed all that a really good bubble bath can be—a luxurious, fragrant, comfortable, private escape. Whether or not you sell bubble bath or bath products, the idea of creating an emotional response within the customer experience is worth considering.

Look at the experience provided by your business from the client viewpoint. How do you welcome customers when they arrive? Is their time at your business anticipated or dreaded? Can they ‘not wait to get there’ or ‘not wait to leave?’ Can you treat clients to a moment of luxury, relaxation, aromatherapy, another sensory indulgence or a pampering extra to enhance their experiences, set your business apart, keep them coming back and motivate them to tell friends, family and co-workers about you?

Purchase branded or boutique bubble bath for retail sale or purchase sample sizes for client gifts or a gift-with-purchase. This could be a perfect item to stock for Valentine’s Day or add to contest prizes in February.

Partner with a local salon or spa to create bath-themed gift, prize or retail baskets, and for cross or cooperative marketing. Salon and spa professionals are naturals when it comes to creating a moment of indulgence for clients; it’s their job! Partner with a stylist, esthetician or another salon or spa professional to hold a workshop, provide makeup or skin care demonstrations, mini manicures, pedicures, etc. for your customers.

Partner with a chocolatier for indulgent dark chocolate treats for sampling, gift or sale to clients. Purchase branded chocolates for clients to enjoy during appointments or while shopping, as a customer or employee thank-you gift or to add to retail.

Working with a local hot tub retailer or service provider, create a cooperative marketing offer to help everyone suds up!

Design a branded rack card with pre or post-hot tub, pool or beach skin care, protection and repair instructions, recommended products and a special offer for the customers of local hot tub sellers, to be placed in locker rooms of local YMCA, community or hotel/motel pools, to be posted online and included on your Facebook page, blog and e-mail newsletters.

Conduct a campaign in support of a local shelter or community services group and donate bubble bath, shampoo and conditioner, towels, wash cloths and related items to local shelters or families in need. Write and submit press releases to help raise awareness within the community.

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