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Blonde Brownie Day - January 22

I had to Google “Blonde Brownies” for this project, and once I did, I knew why I didn’t know what they were. No offense to Blonde Brownie fans, but my personal conviction is that if the word “brownie” is used, chocolate had better be involved! To me, Blonde Brownies are something (maybe cookie bars?) but they are imposters in the world of brownies--but that doesn't mean you can't use these food-themed marketing to promote your small business.

Blonde Brownie Day Marketing Ideas

Hold a contest for customers asking for examples of other infamous imposters when it comes to food (or other categories) in-store and online. Draw a winner who will receive a gift card or another prize. Extend a special offer to all entrants.

Satisfy customer’s cravings with Blonde Brownie mini or full-size treats. Solicit blonde brownie recipes or share recipes on your Facebook page, blog, e-mail newsletter and bag stuffers. Partner with a local caterer to hold a blonde brownie cooking class or tasting event; make your event bigger by partnering with a local wine shop, bar or restaurant for a blonde brownie happy hour or hold a brownie eating or cooking contest.

Why wait for Halloween—people love to dress up! Partner with a local bar or restaurant and hold an “Imposter’s Ball” costume or masquerade event. Solicit photos of your customers in their favorite disguises or costumes.

Partner with a local caterer or nutritionist to hold a workshop or provide tips about imposters that make a positive difference—foods and ingredients that can be substituted for less-healthy counterparts in order to help improve health benefits and nutrition, provide lower fat, calorie and cholesterol options, increase intake of anti-oxidants, etc.

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