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Beer Can Appreciation Day - January 24

Yes, something as nondescript as a beer can can become the jumping off point for creative marketing ideas to help grow your business.

Beer Can Appreciation Day Marketing Ideas

Hold a beer trivia contest for customers with prizes including gift certificates from restaurants, bars or clubs with which you partner for marketing. Depending on local alcohol regulations, you may or may not be able to utilize beer as a prize; however there are plenty of other related items (like pretzels, peanuts or chips) that you can use to incentivize participation, shopping and enthusiasm.

Purchase branded items for gifts, rewards, incentives, prizes or retail like insulated beverage sleeves, beer mugs or glasses, etc., and add beer-themed wares to add to your retail offerings.

Post trivia or beer-appreciative quotes on your Facebook page, blog and e-mail newsletter.

Partner with a local brewery to create a house beer named for your business for retail sale or to keep on tap seasonally, in support of a charity or customer event or to sell all year.

Partner with local breweries or wine shops to hold a beer tasting event, or hold a Beer Fair inviting participation from people in your community who create their own home brews and local micro-brew makers.

Hold a blind beer tasting contest to see whether self-proclaimed experts can identify brands, local microbrews, or to determine the best local home brew beer.

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