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February is American Heart Month

it's not hard to understand why February was chosen for American Heart Month--it seems a perfect pair to the heart-strewn décor seen throughout US businesses. If it's a cause near and dear to you or your business has relevance, here are some ways to get your brand noticed during American Heart Month.

American Heart Month Marketing Ideas

Partner with local physicians or other medical professionals, fitness trainers, nutritionists, counselors and relationship experts for cross or cooperative marketing.

With marketing partners or on your own, hold a workshop, seminar, class or series of classes on maximizing heart health, proper fitness and nutrition to improve heart health, or about emotional heart health and relationships.

Posts for Facebook/social media, Blog, E-mail, Bag Stuffers and/or Website:

  • Tips, advice or local resources for improving heart health

  • Awareness and early warning signs of heart disease

  • Diet, exercise and fitness tips

  • Highlight the products or services you provide that benefit heart-health, health or well-being in general or which provide stress-relieving benefits, aromatherapy, etc.

  • Recommended reading (and add titles to retail or give away as client gifts, gifts-with-purchase or contest prizes)

Conduct a fundraising campaign to support a heart health-related charity. Support local cardiac services through fundraising or by donating gift cards, services or products to patients, their families or caregivers. ‘Adopt’ a local family impacted by heart disease for a free year of products or services.

Purchase branded heart-shaped wristbands, coin purses, stress balls or other items to add to retail or utilize in fundraising efforts. Ask all of your employees to wear red on a given day to help raise awareness or as part of a fundraising campaign.

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