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1st Week of February Marketing Ideas

The first week of February includes Intimate Apparel Week, Snow Sculpting Week, and Solo Diners Eat Out Week. Here are some marketing ideas for each of these first week of February observances.

Intimate Apparel Week Marketing Ideas

February is about kindling the romance! Partner with a local boutique or lingerie party seller to hold an intimate apparel fashion show or party for customers. Create a special offer to extend to the customers and employees of these businesses.

Add intimate apparel to your retail or impulse buy offerings in the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day. Give away lingerie store gift cards as a gift-with-purchase or contest prize.

Snow Sculpting Week Marketing Ideas

If your climate is conducive to snowy, frozen activities, hold a snow sculpting contest in front of your business or at a local park. Post pictures and highlights on your Facebook page, blog, e-mail newsletter and website.

Generate interest ahead of time with press releases, bag stuffers, Facebook posts, e-mail newsletters and the promotional help of businesses near yours or your marketing partners.

Partner with a caterer or restaurant to provide hot chocolate at the event. At the event, distribute hand warmers, business cards or your menu and a bounce-back offer. Or go big!

Work with your marketing partners, members of your Chamber of Commerce, local merchants, etc. to hold a large, multi-sponsor true community snow sculpting contest or exhibit. Generate additional goodwill and media coverage by adopting a charitable cause and donating entry fees or a portion of proceeds.

Solo Diners Eat Out Week Marketing Ideas

Create special offers for ‘solo diners’ this week, when so much of the focus is on Valentine’s Day and couples.

Partner with a local restaurant, bar or caterer to hold a Solo Diners Eat Out event or extend a cooperative offer.

Hold a Solo Diners Eat Out charity fundraiser.

Hold a series of solo dining-inspired happy hours, tasting parties, cooking classes, relationship workshops, etc.

Design your own singles-themed slogans or sentiments to be printed on t-shirts, mugs and other wares with funny, sarcastic or cynical statements to your retail or to give away at events, as contest prizes or a gift-with-purchase.

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